Congratulations, Class of 2024! Our community donated and invested $230,000 in Ferndale High School graduates. On average, each student earned $6,000.00 in financial assistance for college, trade school, and the workforce.
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class night
We had another wonderful week of Grandparents reading in the library. Marcie Titus read to Mrs. Soderman's Class, Jenny Fisk-Becker read to Mrs. Currier's Class, Mary Rudden read to Mrs. Maxon's Class, Libby Titus read to Mrs. Smith's Class, Lori Larson read to Ms. Rodriguez's Class, Melanie Sousa read to Mrs. Brazil's Kindergarten, and Katie Schrum read to Mrs. Soli's Kindergarten.
5 days ago, Ferndale Unified School District
Mrs. Soli's Class
Vivre's Grandma Libby read to Mrs. Smith's 1st Grade Class
Mrs. Rodriguez's 3rd Grade Class
Mrs. Currier's 2nd Grade
Mrs. Maxon's Class
Mrs. Brazil's Class
Isla with her Grandma Marcie
Retired teacher and GREAT Grandmother, Judy Dixon visited the library this week. She read to her Great Grandson Treycn's class. Treycn is in Mrs. Griffith's 1st grade.
5 days ago, Ferndale Unified School District
Mrs. Dixon with Mrs. Griffith's 1st Grade
Mrs. Dixon with her Grandson, Treycn
Ferndale Unified School District has a rich ACADEMIC and ATHLETIC history of producing phenomenal students who are connected to their community. Here's how our students feel about school connectedness, caring adult relationships, and school safety. We aren't perfect but we are the best school district in Humboldt County. Our student data shows the growth our teachers and administrators are making to improve students who will make positive contributions to our community and the world. "Two Schools, One District, One Family, UNIFIED by LOYALTY"
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Mrs. Busher's students finished their state projects. Check out their creativity. Well done, 5th graders.
6 days ago, Danielle Carmesin
state floats
state floats
state floats
state floats
state floats
state floats
state floats
Good Morning, Reserve your spot for the 24-25 school year in our Expanded Learning Program. Please call 707-786-5300 with any questions. Thank you, Ms. Zanone
7 days ago, Danielle Carmesin
We've had a wonderful week of Grandparents as guest readers in the library this week. We celebrate the bond between families and our school. This week's readers were: Kay Rigney with Mrs. Boyd's TK class, Laurel Johnson with Mrs. Stephen's 5th/6th Grade, Cindy Michel with Mrs. Forman's 4th Grade and Don Witherspoon with Mrs. Busher's 5th Grade. As we wrap up our school year, we'll have more Grandparents visiting the library next week.
12 days ago, Ferndale Elementary School
Jack's Grandma, Kay Rigney
Kay Rigney with Mrs. Boyd's TK
Sawyer's Grandma, Cindy Michel
Mrs. Forman's Class with Cindy Michel
Laurel Johnson with Mrs. Stephens 5th/6th class
Jaxon with his Grandma Laurel
Mrs. Busher's 5th Grade got silly with Bodin's Grandpa
Bodin's Grandpa, Don Witherspoon
The top reasons students look forward to coming to Ferndale Unified School District! Check out what 63 students and families had to say... "Two schools, one district, one family, UNIFIED by LOYALTY."
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empathy interviews
Do you want to leave a legacy at FHS and FES- To sponsor a brick, please complete the form below with your custom message or logo. At the end of the form submit payment online using the link or QR code provided. Each brick is a $100 donation to FUSD. Donations will be collected and held by Lost Coast Laser until requested by FUSD.
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Ferndale Parent Club Presents The Mustang Color Run May 24th from 1:00-2:00 pm
about 1 month ago, Ferndale Elementary School
Color Run
Good Morning, Attached is an image with FUSD Graduation Details. Please let Mr. Griffith and Mrs. Carmesin know if you have any questions. Thank you
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Graduation Announcement
Date: May 4th, 2024 Focus: Brain awareness fun and free baseline concussion testing To facilitate the pre-registration process for free testing, kindly take a moment to complete the Google Form linked below (also linked via QR code on flyers): Should you have any questions or require additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated, and we eagerly anticipate a fabulous event!
2 months ago, Danielle Carmesin
Your Brain and Concussion
Dear Parents and Guardians, I am excited to share some important news regarding the upcoming Ferndale Elementary School (FES) and Ferndale High School (FHS) graduation ceremonies. Based on the decision by the district administration, we are thrilled to announce that FHS students will have the unique opportunity to graduate on the FHS football field this year. This decision reflects our commitment to unity and pride in attending Ferndale Unified School District. In line with this decision, the FES graduation ceremony will continue to be held in the FHS gymnasium at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 11th. The FHS graduation ceremony will take place at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, June 12th, at Carlson Field (FHS), weather permitting. Please note that the FHS graduation on Carlson Field is weather-dependent. If the FHS administration determines it will be too damp or wet to host the graduation on the football field, the ceremony will remain in the FHS gymnasium at 3:00 p.m. We believe that these changes will further enhance the sense of community and togetherness within our school district. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need further information. Warm regards, Mrs. Carmesin Ferndale Public Schools
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Grad Layout
Friday, April 5th, is lunch on the lawn (Weather permitting). Please send your child with their lunch in case lunch is canceled. We recommend that parents who are coming to attend lunch on the lawn bring a blanket to sit on and that you park and enter through the back of the school on Ocean Avenue. Friday is also our Spring Clean-up, beginning after recess. There will be no parking in the back lot near the Primary building or in the four spots in front of the school. Lastly, please send your students with clothes, boots, and gloves if you have them to ensure they are ready for our school clean-up.
2 months ago, Danielle Carmesin
Lunch on the Lawn,
Dear Parents and Guardians, I hope you are all doing well! I am thrilled to share exciting news about the upcoming Ferndale Elementary School (FES) and Ferndale High School (FHS) graduation ceremonies. Both graduation ceremonies will now take place at the Ferndale High School Auditorium, right here in our own school district facilities! The ceremonies will kick off at 6:00 p.m. on their respective dates, with FES graduating on Thursday, June 13th, and FHS on Friday, June 14th. To add to the excitement, the FHS gymnasium will be transformed to accommodate seating on the gym floor and the south side bleachers. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further information. Best Wishes, Mrs. Carmesin Ferndale Unified School District
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district logo
Save the Date: This Saturday, April 6th from 10:00-12:00p.m at the Ferndale High School Library the FUSD Board of Trustees along with our school community will prioritize “What skills all FUSD Graduates should focus on while attending FES and FHS.” We will then prioritize which areas of our district budget should be spent on the skills we want all students to graduate from our school district having learned. We invite all of our educational partners to attend this working meeting.
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Budget Workshop
Save the Date: This upcoming Friday, April 5th, Ferndale Elementary School will celebrate our school turning 100 years old with our Annual Spring Clean-Up and lunch on the lawn for TK-8th grade students. We look forwards to students and parents celebrating our school history. Ferndale High School will be providing our school community with 400 cupcakes for all students (Nut free for any students with an allergy)
2 months ago, Danielle Carmesin
Lunch on the Lawn
Thank you to everyone that volunteered their time and those of you that shopped at the Book Fair. The profit for our school library was $1850. More importantly our students had a great time shopping for books and other items.
3 months ago, Ferndale Unified School District
Image of Book Fair
All three high school art classes have finished their paper mâché masks. Look for these amazing masks on Tuesday night!
3 months ago, Megan Davie
period 1
period 2
period 3
4th grade artists have been learning about contour and gesture drawing. Mrs. Foreman's class worked on drawing from a live model today.
3 months ago, Megan Davie
gesture drawing
gesture drawing