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All Staff and Community Organizations MUST complete an Application for Use of ALL Ferndale Unified School District Facilities. If you need your classroom, library, or shop after school hours, you need to complete a Facility Use Application.

Procedures for Use of Facilities

1. Applicant filled out the application at each site and verified availability on the master calendar at each site.

2. Secretary verifies the availability on the master calendar.

3. Secretary verifies the liability form is attached before sending it to the Principal for final approval.

4. Principal sends a copy of all permit requests to the Facility Director (Superintendent's Secretary).

5. Facility Director forwards to Superintendent.

6. Final copy will be emailed to the applicant after determining fees.

7. All FES and FHS Facility keys will be checked out and collected by the Facility Director.

FUSD Staff Documents

Frequently used documents for FES, FHS, and FUSD

-District Phone Directory

-FUSD Fundraiser Request Form

- Bus Duty

- Recess Duty

-Meeting Schedules

-Bell Schedules

-Language Input Form

-Articulation Input Form

- Caregiver Affidavit Form